Friday, May 15, 2009

Using Capitalism to fight Capitalism

First written on Sept. 17, 2008

Yesterday Presidential Candidate Obama raised 9 million dollars1 at a Hollywood fund-raiser. The attendees included the likes of Will Ferrell, Jodie Foster, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Lee Curtis and DreamWorks founders Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, and Jeffrey Katzenberg. It seems that throughout the last 30 years, liberal causes have been funded in large part by Hollywood stars, elitist foundations such as the Ford foundation (which has more money that some countries), and elitist contributors such as George Soros and his buddies. Certainly, these contributors have not only backed candidates, but they have also been fighting and winning the culture war. They see an advantage in instilling liberal values, while at the same time funding elections. Conservatives, for the most part, seem like they want to fund elections, while remaining on the sidelines when it comes to fighting the culture war. However, I do believe that conservatives are fighting the culture war; but for the wrong side unfortunately. Let me explain; during the cold war, the "red scare" affected politics and business in our country. Anyone suspected of having communist or Soviet ties suffered boycotts that jeopardized carriers. If someone was found to be a true communist, they may of as well have committed political suicide. This was a time in which conservatives were zealous (probably overzealous) to put their money where their mouth was. While the "red scare" was a time of mild hysteria, it did show that Americans cared about the causes to which their money went. The entertainment industry was not automatically worthy of the citizen’s allegiance. Today this is not the case. Let me demonstrate this by asking a personal question to everyone reading this. When was the last time you went to the theater to see Leonardo DiCaprio? Have you bought a Will Ferrell film lately? How about Steven Spielberg? When was the last time you rented a Jamie Lee Curtis flick. Do you own Barbara Streisand or Ludicris CDs? Now, after you've thought about that for a minute, dwell on this: Where did these pop-culture stars get their money? That's right, it's from you, the consumer. Free market economics is still at work. Part of the $31,000 a ticket price tag that was required to enter the Obama fundraiser, came out of your pockets. This feeling of responsibility that you may have now, is absent from most conservatives; and the lack of it does, in part, contributes to the decline of our society. Think about it. These celebrities are supporting a man who is for partial birth abortion (and infanticide), higher taxes, globalism, socialism, and the list goes on. Would you spend your money towards movies in which the capital expended went to a murderer (if you believe abortion is truly murder)? Of course not! Then how come we’ll spend it in theaters and music stores that fill the pockets of those advocating what we deem to be evil at worst, and inferior at best.

The college I graduated from last spring (Dutchess Community College) is a very liberal school. Last semester I attempted to start a conservative republican student organization with a friend of mine. We were blocked by the student government because we mandated that only conservatives and republicans were allowed to be voting members in it (What a novel idea!). We were told that we had to include everyone in our club (postmodern multiculturalism at work). This means that liberals, communists, Neo-Natzies, KKK members, etc., all had to be included in our group if they had a desire to participate. In addition to having student organizations, D.C.C. also had a foundation meant to bring revenue into the school from various organizations. Imagine my surprise and resentment when I found out that a local republican organization was contributing to the school! The school itself is also heralded by our county executive and many other republican officials. How can this be! It's the same reason that conservatives are giving their money to liberal actors and producers. We never look at where our money is going! D.C.C. proudly trains young minds that Karl Marx’s ideas were accurate2, and that homophobia is the worst problem on earth (except for global warming). However, Republican financiers don't look (or don't pay attention) to these facts. They're looking at DCCs impact in the community, which is economically beneficial. Therefore they give up long term results to gain short term rewards. Conservative movie goers and pop music fans, who listen to liberal actors and artists are doing the same thing. They are sacrificing long term results on the alter of short term pleasure. So next time you wonder why Obama is outspending John McCain and Bob Bare put together, remember the last movie you went to see.

2 Prokop, Charlotte. Dutchess Community College: Social Problems Class.1 Sept. 2008. 21 Feb. 2009 .

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