Monday, May 18, 2009

Manliness for Dummies: How to Grill

This is a new feature to hardtack heaven. I'm deeming it, "Manliness for Dummies." Being a man myself, I find it frustrating when guys I know sport deviant concepts twisting the definition of manliness. My goal in this section, is to touch on various aspects of what being a man is, and what the skills associated with being a man are. One skill for men to have (since they are providers) is grilling. Being in the great outdoors, fire burning, meat sizzling, and females waiting for the prize portion of a tasty meal is as good as it gets (especially if it's something you've shot or caught). If you don't know the basics of grilling, I'll show you! Trust me, your woman-friend is gonna want you to know this.

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