Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What Caused the Economic Crisis?

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Moose said...

Dude, that is total crap! You are an idiot! These stimulus packages are going to work. The democrats told me so. I think stimulating supply and demand is going to do this nation a lot of good. We will be back where we were in no time. You are to realistic, try to be more ideal sometime. Who cares if we are going to have to pay for all this. Capitalism is what caused this well... socialism trying to keep capitalism going caused this. All that matters is I get to keep my stuff. Plus Hollywood backed him. I do not think Hollywood has ever backed a bad guy. Whatever Oprah says I will follow. She is my god. If she endorses somebody he has to know a lot about how to fix stuff. She knows how to fix stuff so he must know how too. You just like living in the rut of being a conservative. So typical. You are one of those lunatic fringe conservative types. You listen to people that do fact checking rather than celebrities, who are you. Entertainment is my god and I will follow everything that it says. Heck that is why I own so many "get rich quick books" and "ab machines."